Qualifications and Experience of Wayne Isaacson

Formal qualifications

Wayne Isaacson holds the ABC Level 6 Diploma in Arboriculture, the ABC Level 3 Technicians Certificate in Arboriculture, and the Certificate in Arboriculture of the Royal Forestry Society.

Practical experience

After practical training in arboriculture Wayne worked, for a local firm as an arborist. In 1999 Wayne began his contracting business, continuing to develop it until ceasing contracting in 2014 to focus on consultancy.

Professional experience

Wayne has been dealing with tree assessment throughout his arboricultural career, advising clients as part of his contracting business. In 2011, Wayne attended and passed the LANTRA Professional Tree Inspection course, which is the premier tree inspection accreditation scheme in the UK.

Continuing professional development

It is important to keep up to date with new research and legislation. A summary of continuing professional development events that Wayne has attended are listed below..

Date Event Summary
20/4/16 AA: Subsidence Investigation Workshop (Advanced)
10/3/16 BS5837 Day 2: Managing Trees on Construction Sites
9/3/16 AA BS5837 Day 1: Tree Assessment for Planning Applications
18/11/15 AA Tree Science Day: Fungi in the Life and Death of a Tree
20-23/9/15 Arboricultural Association's 49th National Amenity Conference
17/6/15 "Big Barn" Conference at Barcham Trees Ely
21/10/14 Subsidence Forum Training Day
14-17/9/14 Arboricultural Association's 48th National Amenity Conference
8-11/9/13 Arboricultural Association's 47th National Amenity Conference
16/4/13 Subsidence Investigation Workshop
10/4/13 AA Seminar Pests and Diseases Workshop
22/11/12 Trees in the Townscape Seminar
2-5/9/12 Arboricultural Association's 46th National Amenity Conference
2/5/12 AA Seminar 2012 Tree preservation order regulations
AA seminar BS 5837 2012
23-24/4/12 The Profession and Business of Consultancy
6-8/9/11 LANTRA Professional Tree Inspection
5/5/11 Mortgage report writing
4/5/11 BS 5837 2005 Workshop